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Is It Safe? Baby Wipes - California Baby Natural Living

Is It Safe? Baby Wipes

The personal wipes industry sure has taken off, hasn’t it? But are wipes really okay for your child’s skin? Like any other product you put on your baby’s sensitive skin, check the ingredients to make sure there are no chemicals like chlorine bleach, phthalates (which are found in synthetic fragrance) parabens, or alcohol, which ultimately dries out the skin.

Also, a new study by the University of Connecticut Health Center found that a preservative found in some wipes, called methylchloroisothiazolinone (yes, it has that many letters, usually a sign to stay away from it!) can actually cause painful dermatitis.

Harsh chemicals in conventional baby wipes can also irritate diaper rash, a common malady of the first year of life.

For an eco-friendly alternative to commercial disposable baby wipes, which can trigger allergies, try California Baby’s reusable, organic terry cloth cotton Baby Wipes combined with California Baby’s Diaper Area Wash.

One more word of advice: be conservative about your use of any pre-moistened wipes, even the ones that are marked as “flushable,” that have become popular for toddlers and preschoolers. Sewer agencies say the rapidly growing use of pre-moistened “personal” wipes are clogging pipes and jamming pumps around the country!


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