Don’t Forget to Compost That Jack-O-Lantern!


Now that you and the kids have had your Halloween fun, don’t just trash that jack-o’-lantern: remember, pumpkins are completely compostable.

Hopefully, you remembered to use the delicious inside of the pumpkin for your favorite recipes (and maybe roasted some pumpkin seeds). But now that you have your spooky, carved jack-o’-lantern, what’s next? Unfortunately, many people end up leaving their pumpkins out too long to attract bugs or rot and they end up in the garbage heap. Instead, cut your gourd into chunks and add it to your compost bin.

If you don’t already know, compostingĀ organic waste like your pumpkin or kitchen scraps with other materials like leaves helps to create extremely nutrient-rich soil that can nourish your garden come the spring time.Compost-bin1

A few words of warning: be sure that you remove any remaining wax residue from candles and don’t compost any parts that have other materials on them like paint or permanent marker.

The conventional composting wisdom says to mix 1 part greens with 30 parts browns (pumpkin counts as greens while dry leaves are browns). So be sure to layer in plenty of those lovely, crispy leaves!


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