Does Your Favorite Brand Actually Manufacture Its Own Products?

When we buy products, most of us assume that the brands we trust actually manufacture those products, right? Well, sometimes a label is just a label.

Many companies use what’s called a co-packer or contract manufacturer: a manufacturer who makes products (private labels) for other companies. The potential problem with this practice is that it raises concerns over ingredient and formula integrity, contamination, and manufacturing practices. Ask your favorite brands if they manufacture their own products—you’ll be surprised how many don’t. They’re marketers not manufacturers!

co packerCalifornia Baby owns and operates their own FDA registered, certified organic, and solar-powered Los Angeles facility where all products are manufactured, blended and packaged exclusively so there’s no cross contamination from other products.

Our manufacturing practices minimize energy consumption. Our HDPE packaging contains 25% Post Consumer Content and is BPA free and tree free labels with water-based inks are easy to recycle with paper or plastic. We strive to incorporate all materials used in the manufacturing of the product to eliminate waste treatment.

We even grow our own organic calendula flowers—you might say we’re control freaks! Read more about our stringent ingredient and manufacturing practices here.




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