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5 Great, Green New Year's Resolutions For Families - California Baby Natural Living

5 Great, Green New Year’s Resolutions For Families

We can’t believe that 2015 is already upon us (where did the year go?). But one of the best parts of the New Year is looking ahead and setting goals. In honor of the spirit of turning over a new leaf, here are some of the our eco-friendly, family-friendly New Year’s resolutions to live a happier, healthier 2015.

1. Switch to glass

What you eat and drink is important, but what you use to eat and drink is also important. Plastics have caught a lot of heat in recent years. And we’ve quickly and easily been making the switch to glass. We’re big fans of these glass bottles.

2. Plant a tree

As parents, watching kids sprout up every year marks time in a whole new way. We love to plant a tree for each child and see how it grows each year, too. It’s a fun project that you can do together that not only contributes to the environment, but also becomes a cool memory you can share and enjoy together.

3. Turn off electronics past a certain time each night

With cell phones, tablets, game devices, and more, it’s easy for every family member to disappear into their own electronic corner of the world. But it’s healthy to shut off every now and then, for more reasons than just one. Family togetherness and bonding time is important. In fact, studies show that families that eat meals together are happier. And learning to do things together, like playing board games, coloring, or building with blocks, can help kids develop other tactile and intellectual skills that they may not with electronic toys.

4. Replace products that contain synthetic fragrances

Each year, we do a big spring cleaning. But January 1 also brings another big cleanout. It’s a great time to trash old things you don’t use, but also to reevaluate if you’re using the best, healthiest products for your family. A big focus for us has been scrutinizing products around the house that contain dyes and synthetic fragrances, which often contain nasty chemicals like phthalates and formaldehyde.

5. Lighten your load on the Earth

Conserve water, decrease your carbon footprint, recycle and reuse. And also important: teach your kids to do these things young. Simple things like learning to turn the faucet off while they brush their teeth can make a big difference.

Do you have a great green New Year’s resolution? Tell us in the comments below!


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