Jessica’s Lab Report: Learn about Benzalkonium Chloride

jlr_bc_090416-01Benzalkonium Chloride (pronounced ben-zal-koh-nee-uh-m klawr-ahyd) is a chemical used as an active ingredient in many hand sanitizer products. It is associated with allergies and severe skin, eye, and respiratory irritation. It can be dangerous for people with asthma or skin conditions like eczema.

Jessica says, “You can protect yourself against germs with our hand sanitizer the natural way. It purifies the skin on contact, leaving it clean and refreshed. And ours also moisturizes your hands and has the fresh beautiful scent of our pure essential oil blend that includes lemon myrtle. When purchasing products for your family, remember to always choose wisely. I encourage you to always read the label before you buy, exercise extra caution with products that you will use frequently, and do your research so you can choose the safest products for your family.”


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