Jessica’s Lab Report: Learn About Parabens

jlr_parabens_082816-01 2Parabens are preservatives that are commonly used in a lot of cosmetic and skincare products to prevent bacteria growth. They have been widely used since the 1950s. However, in the 1990s parabens were considered to be “xenoestrogens―agents” meaning they have a chemical structure that’s similar to estrogen, which means they can mimic the effects of that hormone in the body. Parabens can cause estrogen disruption and have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues.

Jessica says “It’s not always easy know if the products you use contain parabens, because many times they are hidden in the ‘raw’ ingredient—not the ‘finished product,’ therefore many do not list it in the ‘ingredients section’ of the label. If you are unsure if your favorite brands are paraben-free or just want to make sure, I recommend you reach out to those companies to inquire. We are proud that California Baby is Paraben-Free.”


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