Mama Goals: California Baby Founder Jessica Iclisoy

1469227409428Enjoy this “Mama’s Making It” interview with our Founder, Jessica Iclisoy Fashion Mamas. It is a great read and very inspiring!

Jessica says … For California Baby, the immediate future is all about making sure that natural and organic doesn’t lose its integrity or core values. It concerns me that some in the industry may only be interested in making money rather than honoring what this category represents. At California Baby, we intend to protect our industry and help it grow in a sustainable way without changing what we stood for when we created this sector over 20 years ago.

California Baby will continue to be the leader in educating consumers about the natural products category: What is natural? How is it different from organic? Why is it important to control the packaging of natural, allergen-free products? We want to reach as many consumers as we can – parents everywhere should be armed with all of the information before making hair and skincare purchase decisions for their families.



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