True or False: Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Kids for Their ‘Sweet’ Blood?


FALSE! Babies aren’t the only ones!

Studies suggest that mosquitoes do target some people but it’s because they have Type O blood, which emits an odor the pests like. In fact, adults are more likely to be bitten than children and research from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute shows that beer drinkers are more susceptible to bites than others (so as long as your baby isn’t drinking beer, he’s probably not a huge target).

California baby bug repellantTo protect your child from mosquitoes, dress him in long pants and long sleeved shirts and apply an all-natural repellent like California Baby Natural Bug Blend. Our DEET-free natural formula uses citronella, lemongrass and cedar—essential oils that  do not cause harm to humans, pets or the environment. And in those really buggy days, you also may want to invest in mosquito netting to put over the baby’s stroller.


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