Organic Farm Report: We Love Organic Farmers

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 9.18.34 AMIn 2014, California led the organic farming movement with 2,805 organic farms. How cool is that! We are super proud that our 100 acre certified organic farm in Santa Barbara County is included in the mix! We encourage you to seek out the organic farms in your region and support them. We love organic farmers!

According to the Organic Farming Research Foundation “Organic farming refers to agricultural production systems that do not use genetically modified (GM) seed, synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Some of the essential characteristics of organic systems include: design and implementation of an organic system plan that describes the practices used in producing crops and livestock products; a detailed record keeping system that tracks all products from the field to point of sale; and maintenance of buffer zones to prevent inadvertent contamination by synthetic farm chemicals from adjacent conventional fields.”

“Organic farmers use biological methods and management practices such as diversified crop rotations that improve soil quality. Organic farming increases soil organic matter, which enhances the soil’s ability to absorb and store carbon, cycle nutrients, and absorb water. Increased soil organic matter contributes to greater resilience under stresses such as drought and flooding.”





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