Talking Organic, Greenwashing, and Business with California Baby Founder Jessica Iclisoy

jessica iclisoy business rockstarsCalifornia Baby founder and CEO Jessica Iclisoy sat down with Business Rockstars’ Ken Rutkowski recently to talk about the organic and natural products industry, being a smart woman in business, and some of the secrets of her success.

Iclisoy, a pioneer in natural and organic skin care, started California Baby more than 20 years ago—a time when the word “organic” wasn’t the buzzword it is today. She told Business Rockstars that:

“Natural and organic has become very popular which is wonderful, it’s accessible to more people but then there’s this possibility for greenwashing. I feel like with the growth of the industry we’ve got players coming in who are in there to make a buck which is fine—it’s business—but they can’t change what we are and what we stand for.”

What is greenwashing? “Greenwashing is just saying you’re organic but what’s in the bottle is not organic but the label says it’s organic so the consumer—not knowing any better—looks on the store shelf and says, “Oh, this is an organic shampoo.” “Food is highly regulated so it’s going to be difficult for you to buy organic broccoli that’s not organic. But in the skin care industry it’s really not regulated,” explains Iclisoy.

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