Testimonial: This is the Only Product That has Worked for Us

eczemaWe love receiving testimonials from our customers! We are so proud that we can help your families. Saying no to steroids is possible when you use California Baby® Therapeutic Relief Eczema Cream, a unique blend of plant extracts, like certified organically grown and processed calendula and aloe vera and that work harmoniously with the healing active of colloidal oatmeal, which is an FDA approved plant based ingredient.

“My 6 month baby started to show eczema, and of all places it was on his little checks. For about 4 months We tried about everything on the drugstore shelf, so many that were recommended. We came to a stand point around April with a product from another brand, it helped, but still not much of a change. When I saw a testimonial of a baby on your Facebook page, thought “Wow what a story”. I contacted someone with your company who advised me on which products to use and talked about each of the ingredients. I immediately went out, purchased California Baby wash and cream, within the next couple of weeks it started looking slightly better. To the next month, and next. Wow! It miraculously cleared up his face! The only product that has worked for us, and we cannot Thank You enough!!!”


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