What Is Your Ecological Footprint? Take the Quiz For Earth Day!

earthdayEarth Day is coming up quickly on April 22, so we have conservation on our minds even more than usual! Many of us try to conserve where we can. But have you ever really thought about how much your lifestyle affects the Earth?

We love this fun and eye-opening quiz created by the Earth Day Network to calculate your personal ecological footprint. In a nutshell, it estimates how much land area it takes to support your lifestyle, from your food to your home to your energy consumption and trash production.

Did you know that if everyone on the planet lived like the average American, we would need five Earths to sustain our lifestyle?

According to the Earth Day Network, “Globally, all humanity consumes the equivalent of 1.5 planets’ worth of resources to sustain the way we live each year. This means that it takes the planet one and a half years to replenish everything humans consume in one year. The result is a growing deficit of resources that are being depleted further and further each year as we continue to overconsume.”

Are you consuming more or less than the average American? Take the Ecological Footprint quiz here.

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